03 November 2016

Symposium on Christian schools in Israel

"Christian schools and religious education in Israel": this is the name of the symposium that was held in Jerusalem. A meeting to emphasize the importance of the role that Christian schools play in the Holy Land.

Actuality and events

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Monday, October 31, the "Christian schools and religious education in Israel" Symposium was held in Jerusalem. The symposium was organized by the Center for Jewish-Christian relations together with the Jerusalem Institute for Political Research.
The topic of the symposium is a current issue. Members and followers from both institutes participated in the conference.

Director - Center for Jewish-Christian relations - Jerusalem
“(We)wanted to address the issue and raise some awareness around issues to do with Christian Schools in Israel, particularly in light of the fact that the Christian Schools came to public awareness last year because of the strike...and here we are, a year later, and not a shekel has been paid..and..it is as if the subject has disappeared from public consciousness; so we wanted to hold an evening on that theme, for people to understand the Christian Schools: who they are, what they are doing here, how they came to be here...”

Boutros Mansour, lawyer and director of the Baptist school in Nazareth, praised the great educational role and discipline of these schools in his speech; he also emphasized the vital importance of these schools for the presence of Christians in the Holy Land. He also cited a report published by the Israeli Ministry of Education, which highlights how the Christian schools are considered among the best institutions in the country, despite the lack of funds due.

Principal - Baptist School - Nazareth
“The Israeli Ministry of Education has not transferred (to date) the sum of 50 million shekels that were promised. There is optimism; but it is a cautious optimism: we hope to be able to find a solution to this problem.”

The Spokesman for the Media Committee of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, Wadie Abu Nassar, participated in this debate and pointed out the lack of consideration that Israel shows towards the Christian Arab citizens.

Spokesman for the Media Committee of the Catholic Church
"The Christian Arab citizens, like other citizens who are not Jewish, are not treated equally in the state; this is something that needs to change in favor of all. Since the institution of the state and to this day, Christian citizens are treated unfairly, as well as the Christian schools, as we can see from the recent great crisis they are going through."

A Symposium with the purpose to reiterate the importance of recognizing the value of schools for the existence of Christians in the Holy Land and the need to find a solution to this crisis.