08 March 2017

Magnificat Institute, where the music breaks down barriers

The Magnificat Institute is a laboratory in constant ferment, where different cultures, faiths and mentalities work together... a challenge and a great opportunity at the same time ... A fascinating and enchanting world.

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The Magnificat Institute... A fascinating and enchanting world.

Children, youth, adults and families join to discover the beauty of the music that unites peoples.

Director - Magnificat Institute - Jerusalem
"I think the most beautiful way to define the Magnificat is that it is a school of music that breaks down barriers. There are more than 200 students with about 27 teachers and the best thing is that here, they all study together: Christians, Jews and Muslims, without any discrimination, nor labels."

A great gift: here, everyone is welcomed for their identity and without discrimination, because there are no barriers.

The school is a branch of the Pedrollo Conservatory of Vicenza and was created twenty years ago. Born from the dream of a musician friar, Brother Armando Pierucci, who decided to embark on the adventure of teaching music in Jerusalem, in the old town, where a poor education or no music education at all was given.

Over the years, some of the former students have become professors and a group of young people enrolled in universities is studying for the same purpose. Brother Alberto believes this is "one of the best fruits of this wonderful mission."

Professor - Magnificat Institute
“My experience in the Magnificat Institute began in 1995, with Father Armando. I played the piano, because it was the only way to begin. I continued to study until I obtained the Italian diploma from the Institute and, after 11 years, I went abroad to complete my studies. Today I teach at the School. I have some very good students and two of them won the first prize. I am proud to be able to pass on what I learned to the children of my country."

Every year, string instruments and piano competitions are organized by the school and the level of preparation of the students is amazing, as we can see and feel.

Emma Spitkovsky-
"I am very happy, because it was very good music. I believe our students can do more and better, year after year.”

Mohammad Al Sheikl
Student - Magnificat Institute
"I think that all of the students did a great job and that they can give more and more! I have many friends, great teachers ... this is like my second home.”

Another wonderful initiative of the school is the children festival of songs in Arabic, the Magic Lamp, for which a dozen new songs are composed every year. These songs are then sent to many schools across the Middle East.

Elias Habash
Parent - Magnificat Institute
"The Magnificat Institute is very important, especially because of its location in the old city where the institutes for art, music and education are lacking. Without these entities, the children would be attracted by bad habits. Therefore, by organizing courses, the Magnificat Institute allows kids to do useful things."

“I love music.”

The Magnificat Institute is a laboratory in constant ferment, where different cultures, faiths and mentalities work together: a challenge and a great opportunity at the same time ...

The school exists primarily due to the large financial commitment of the Custody of the Holy Land and the immense generosity of many friends and associations whom we can never thank enough.

Director - Magnificat Institute - Jerusalem
"We believe it is essential to invest in schools, in education and in culture. First, because, especially with regard to the Magnificat, we develop the youth and the adults of the future, who lived throughout their childhood and teenage years in a school where they work together and accept each other without comparisons nor differences in religion, language and culture. I believe this is one of the most beautiful things: the fruits of this school.”

With the Good Friday Collection for the Holy Land, people of good will support this initiative.